The National Centre for Biometric Studies Pty Ltd (NCBS) is dedicated to research, education and consulting in the field of biometrics. We have expertise in various areas of biometrics, including speaker recognition and forensic voice comparison, face recognition, finger print and finger scan recognition, liveness assurance and others.

Our research also extends to the detection of medical conditions such as depression and to related fields such as computer security and the engineering of biometric and computer security systems.

NCBS was a Research Centre in the Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering of the University of Canberra from 2006 to 2011 with the purpose “to conduct research, education, evaluation and development in the area of biometrics, and to provide consultancy and services on biometrics to government and industry”.

NCBS became an independent organisation in 2012. It is led by Dr Michael Wagner as Chief Scientist and Director, who is also an Emeritus Professor of the University of Canberra, an Honorary Professor in the College of Engineering and Computer Science of the Australian National University, and Honorary Professor for Biometric Security Systems at Technical University of Berlin.

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